The history of Goodnature® is one that arose from problem solving. The company was started in New Zealand by ambitious designers with one common objective — to conserve and protect New Zealand’s endangered birds from invasive species and pests. Their goal was to see once-dwindling bird populations flourish again across the New Zealand landscape.

The idea was to essentially eliminate rats and other pests on a large scale, and to do it in a humane fashion, without the use of dangerous toxins. They knew there was a better way to safely control these animals without harming the already-fragile ecosystem. With a little bit of brainstorming, the idea of the automatic trap was born. Not only would the trap eliminate pests, but it would do it in a humane and safe manner.

The trap was dispatched across New Zealand by civilians answering the call to protect Kiwi species, as well as state-sponsored ecology projects. It wasn’t too much later that the demand and excitement for Goodnature® products spread across the globe.


  A24 Automatic Rat Trap  


Goodnature® USA embodies the same virtues as our original New Zealand founders. Finding a better, more humane way to control rat and mice populations without posing a threat to the American eco-system.

While conservation is still a major focus for Goodnature® USA, another pillar of our mission is to eliminate the threat caused by rodenticides across the United States.

It’s an all too common occurrence to hear stories of rat poisons being ingested by unintended parties such as wild animals, pets, and even children. Goodnature® provides an alternative by producing products that are toxin-free and eliminate the risk of secondary poisoning.

The first Black rats are said to have reached North America in the 16th century, as the the population of settlers arriving by ship boomed. Their populations have steadily increased due to wider spread settlement across the country and urban sprawl.

It is unfortunate, but is often necessary to dispose of them due to their tendency to carry dangerous diseases. Despite this, we believe it is our collective responsibility to dispatch of these creatures in a humane manner.

We truly believe we accomplish this with every trap we sell. In contrast to conventional rodent control practices such as glue traps, snap traps, and poisons — Goodnature® traps kill rodents instantly. These traditional methods often result in slow, agonizing deaths and can also cause a threat to animals such as birds of prey, and mountain lions.

We hope you share our vision for more responsible and humane pest control, as we try to spread this message across America — one trap at a time!