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Take control of your rat or mouse problem

Goodnature traps automatically reset themselves 24 times before you need to do a thing. Easy to set up inside and out, and easy to move around, Goodnature traps work wherever your rodent problem is.

The lure is dispensed automatically and lasts for up to 6 months — no more checking your traps every few days. Protect your home with the trapping system proven to control pests 24/7, so you're always in charge.


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Home Trapping Kit

Totally toxin-free

There are no toxins in our Goodnature traps. Our lure is made from food-grade chocolate, super tasty to rats and mice – it's the best last meal they will ever have. Because it's non-toxic there's no risk of secondary poisoning, so it's safe to use around pets and children.

Keep count

The Goodnature A24 Rat & Mouse Trap comes with a Digital Strike Counter. It displays a count of how many mice or rats your trap has killed so you know you're getting on top of the problem.
Home Trapping Kit
Home Trapping Kit


Powered by a CO₂ gas canister, this mouse trap automatically resets itself after each strike. With a trap that is always active, ready to catch passing rodents, you get constant control against rats and mice. One gas canister enables the trap to kill 24 rats and mice before it needs replacing.

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As rodents try to get to the lure they trigger the trap. The trap fires, killing the pest instantly. The pest then drops out of the trap and the trap then automatically resets itself, ready for the next one.

Our lure is toxin-free, so safe to use at home around pets. The lure we use to attract rats and mice in this kit is chocolate based, which isn’t an attractant to common pets like cats and dogs. They’re likely to be more interested in the rodents left under the trap! Although, given most pets are well fed, you may not see this either.

When setting up your trap, the recommended height from ground level is 12cm (about a hand width). As this is low to the ground, it’s easy for rats and mice to get into the trap and much more difficult for other animals to. Another safety measure built into the design is the size of the trap entrance - big enough for rats and mice, and too small for adult cats and dogs.

It's pretty easy to know when you've got a rat problem. It's not always as easy to find the best trapping spot to get rid of them.

Before setting up your trap, place Lure Taster Cards (which come with the trap kit) around your property to see where your rats feel safe feeding. After a few days, check which card has the most scratches & bite marks - this will be the best spot to set up your trap.

It doesn’t take long for dead rodents under your trap to be scavenged by other animals.

That's why the A24 trap comes with a Digital Strike Counter. This counter slides onto the CO2 canister and each time the trap is triggered, it records this. The counter is easy to check and reset and will track from the first kill up to 99.


Join the trapping revolution

We started Goodnature for good reason: to see endangered wildlife in New Zealand flourish. In New Zealand, rats and mice are introduced predators which cause havoc to native species.

Through finding new ways to solve this problem we’ve created a rat and mouse trap that’s automatic, non-toxic and delivers a quick kill, which is kinder for the pest and for you.

Our technology is available here in the United States, for your rodent problem at home.