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What is pre-feeding and how can it help my trapping?

A24 Automatic Trap

Adding small amounts of the lure around your trap’s entrance is a process called pre-feeding. When done consistently, it can boost your trapping success. 

How can pre-feeding lure increase my success?

By pre-feeding with a lure pouch, we're increasing the amount of lure in your rat's environment. This means the chances they'll encounter it increase.

The more a rat approaches and smells something new in their environment (like your lure), the more comfortable they become with it, and more likely they are to try it. When you begin trapping It's a great way to encourage a preference for your lure and to retain your rat's interest.

How do I pre-feed?

1. Place ten small dots of lure from our Rat Lure Pouch around the entrance of your A24 trap(s). This increases the food available to your resident rats.

2. Repeat this for five days. This builds their preference for the lure (yes, rats have food preferences) and habit in visiting the trap(s) to eat.

3. Go cold turkey and stop using the rat lure pouch. Now the only way your rats can access the lure is by entering the trap(s). Bingo.

4. Success! You’ve improved your chances of trapping those pesky rats.