Chocolate Lure Bottle

Chocolate Lure Bottle

Chocolate Lure Bottle


Goodnature® Chocolate Lure is designed specifically to attract rats and mice to your A24 trap.

Because all our lures are toxin-free, they’re safe for you, your pets and wildlife.

We recommend you replace your lure bottle every six months to keep the lure fresh. 

Chocolate lure bottles come standard with all of our A24 Rat & Mouse trap kits and is suitable for all Canadian climates. The lure bottle is 60g and is easy-to-squeeze.

Goodnature chocolate lure is also available in 200g packs for pre-feeding trap sites.

  • 60g of Goodnature Chocolate Formula Lure
  • Long Lasting 6 Month Lure
  • Easy To Apply Squeeze Bottle
  • Pet & Bird Safe
  • Toxin-Fee, Poison-Free
  • Rugged Formula
  • Adaptable To All Canadian Climates